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"My name is Thomas Canedy, and I am an independent inventor, and I dabble in real estate located in Radcliff, Kentucky. I have created a unique company called Canedy Athletics. We specialize in college and other sports-related products. I joined the military in 1991, and after serving a short stint in the military for three years. I was injured while on active duty on an airborne operation in Fort Bragg North Carolina. After my time served, I had to exit the military due to my injuries, and I moved back to Kentucky to attend Western Kentucky University full-time. After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 2004, with a general studies degree, I decided to get into real estate investing full time. Teaching school was very rewarding to elementary school-age children, but I wanted to do something else that would generate a better income for myself. I decided to work for myself buying foreclosures and fixing them up for resale. Real estate investing turned out to be a very rewarding job and gave me the funds I needed to patent my first product - the electronic front-end sensor for automobiles.

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Thomas Canedy

Real estate is quite rewarding and has been a fun and challenging job, but I became extremely bored between finding good deals. I have been in real estate investing for about four years after several great deals. I was awarded my service-connected disability from the United States Army, which enabled me to devote more time to my passion and what I would like to do for a living, inventing.

I am very blessed to have served in the military, and now with the permanent disability status. I am able to invest my full attention into inventing and bringing my products to market. Currently, I reside in Radcliff Kentucky, and I'm working on my third project, which are called "The College Pride lite" and The College Spirit Pins". I hope this project will be very successful, and will offer many jobs in my local area. "My College Pride Products" are unique products, and I think they will be very successful.

Well, that's a little bit about me, and I hope to eventually help many people bring their inventions to the market as well."

- Thomas Canedy, Founder of Canedy Athletics

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